Colorful Patterns

Colorful and patterned exhibition at the museum.
”COLORED PATTERNS” – fabrics and clothing from the 60s and 70s, shoes, Barbie and more
Both the ”textile sensors” Margareta Bäckström Öberg and Eva Karlsson from Enköping are behind the exhibition.

For the exhibition ”Colorful patterns” they have selected textiles and clothing of Swedish and Finnish manufacture that match each other.

This exhibition is made to show textiles and it is about quality, materials and environment.

There is a great interest in design, clothing and fabric from this period.

The clothes are more anonymous. They are rarely labeled. The fabrics are the most important in the exhibition.

Often these materialities disappear because they are utility objects. It also has a completely different durability is today’s clothes. It is such a good quality that after 50 years they are still relevant.

In the exhibition there is also a small selection of other things such as barbecue dolls, disc covers, shoes etc.

The exhibition runs until the middle of December 2018

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