Cavalry, or equestrian, is one of the oldest  in the army. In 1634 it was decided that the Swedish divided cavalry would consist of eight regiments, four of which were in Finland. The nobility fan was an enlisted cavalry association with roots in the ”nobility’s rust service” in Alsnö Charter from 1279, where all officers were noble. During Gustav II Adolf, the Adelsfanan was organized so that four squadrons were recruited within Sweden and one from Finland. The band wound up in 1809 and is probably the most long-lived cavalry band in the world. It existed for more than 500 years.

During the 19th century and until 1928 there were eight cavalry regiments, two recruited and two divided. Thereafter, the number gradually decreased. During the 1940s and 1950s, several reorganizations and cuts were made within the cavalry, which between 1958 and 1974 was the smallest squad, consisting of only one squadron and two battalions. Then it turned and during the next ten years, until 1984, the cavalry consisted of three regiments and then two regiments and a battalion. The cavalry was gradually modernized and the horses were replaced with different types of motor vehicles. The ”horse” was completed in 1967 and the few remaining horses are now used in state ceremonial contexts.

The cavalry today (2014) consists of a security battalion, two military police companies and a high guard squadron within the Guard, the Life Regiment’s Husarians and the Army Hunter Battalion within the Norrbotten Regiment.

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