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At Karlsborgs Fortress Museum, we want to give Schools and young people the opportunity to locally and regionally anchor the history of Karlsborgs Fortress.

The exhibitions take you on an adventure from the start of building the fortress to finishing it.  On an area of 2 200 m2  you can experience objects, uniforms, weapons and models.

And to integrate the pupils we let them, guide eachother through the exhibition.




We customize the guiding after age and special needs. Karlsborgs Fortress Museum has a close collaboration with teachers and schools locally. The students gets acquainted with the history and after that we let them be in charge of the program.



Children and Creativity

Creativity is important for us in the Fortress Museum, therefor we arrange during the year many happenings for children.

  • Autumnholidays
  • Winterbreak
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Sport Holiday week

We arrange crafts in drawings, tin casting, holiday decoration crafting, DIY, tressure hunting and ghost search.