To park in the area there are several possibilities, none are charged, however, take into account the signs.

  • You will find a parking directly adjacent to the museum.
  • Another parking is 100 meters from the museum. You will get there by taking the first road to the left when you have Karlsborg Fortress Museum to the right hand side  of you. Follow this road straight ahead, on your right you will find a  parking, take the first right to reach it.
  • In the fortress square you will also find a parking. You reach this from the museum by driving towards the Gothic arch. The first road to the right there is a sign FÄSTNINGS TORGET. Turn into this road and keep on going until you reach the  parking on your left side.



In our premises there are no thresholds, the space between objects and hallways is spacious and elevators is available.

For visits to the church if you have a disability, you can easily get there via elevator. The church is paid at the entrance.

The museum has access to a lift besides the stairs, and if these are out of function there is a mobile rail ramp. If you need help, just contact the staff at the museum.

Parking is directly adjacent at the museum.

Dog friendly Museum

We at Karlsborg Fortress Museum welcome also your dog into the museum. Of course, they should experience the museum and be with their family members. In the museum we have a dog water bowl that always stands with fresh water.