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Höstlovs Vecka med massa spökligheter! 28 Oktober till 1:a November

En hel vecka från 28 oktober till den 1:a november kan ni pyssla på museet och vara kreativa med Halloween som tema. kom utklädd till ett monster. Bästa utklädda får ett pris i slutet av veckan. Spöket Laban finns också gömd här i skrymsle och vrå som ni ska försöka finna. och för de som gillar att klä ut sig … Läs mer

Julkonsert Änglarnas tid med Magnus Carlsson i Garnisonskyrkan den 9:e December kl 19:00 – 20:30

  Den 9:e December kommer Magnus Carlsson, en av landets mest folkkära artister till oss på Garnisonskyrkan i Karlsborg. Julturnén ”Änglarnas Tid” är en kritikerrosad turné med Magnus Carlsson som har under sex års tid, besökt kyrkor och konserthus runtom i Sverige, som hyllats i media och dragit stor publik. Inget år är likt den andra när det kommer till … Läs mer


Lecture By Bengt Österblom 29 October 2019 – Catholicism in Sweden until the year 1600

  The lecture depicts Christianity through mission and returning Christians. In Birger Earl’s time, the church was given a definite role in society, which led to the founding of a Protestant state church in Gustav Vasa’s Reformation. However, under Johan III and Sigismund, attempts were made to re-introduce Catholicism. From the year 1617, at the death penalty, it was forbidden … Läs mer


Lecture by Bengt Österblom 17 september 2019 ; End of the war in Finland 1944-45

  End of the war in Finland 1944-45 The presentation describes the Russian big attack in Karelia and the German aid. Eventually the Russians were halted and a ceasefire was closed. Finland then got help to expel the Germans from the country. Entry: SEK 20 TIME: Tuesday, September 17 at 1 p.m. 18:30 LOCATION: Karlsborg Fortress Museum Language: Swedish Welcome! … Läs mer

Exhibition ”200 Years Thru Karlsborgs Fortress History”

Welcome to us at Karlsborg Fortress Museum and experience the new exhibition that opened its doors in May 2019. It is an exhibition where you follow the history behind the fortress construction from the first shovel to what it looks like today. Here you will experience architectural drawings that are no longer available to the public. You can also follow … Läs mer

Events on Karlsborgs Fortress Museum – 2019

Activities Karlsborg Fortress 200 years Karlsborg Fortress is the reason why the city of Karlsborg is in the form it has today. In 2019, it is 200 years since Carl XIV Johan made the decisive decision to erect this fantastic building. We will celebrate that throughout 2019. Here you will find all the information and everything you need to know … Läs mer

The website is now live!!

Hello everyone Now our new website for Fortress Museum is live! A brand new design with features where you as a customer and visitor can easily find all information about us. If you have any questions, you can always contact us directly. Have a nice day. Photo: pixabay

Activities for Schools

Hello everyone!! Are you looking for fun activity and learning? Then you have come right! We at Karlsborg Fortress Museum have several different activities spread throughout the year for children and young people of all ages. A really fun way to learn new things. Read more on our sub-page about schools – Click here! If you have any questions, you … Läs mer

Special/Elite Units in the world

Elite Units are military units with special training, equipment and skills. For example, the duties of the unions may be personal protection, hostage exemption and intelligence gathering. Internationally known special associations include British SAS, American Delta Force and Russian Spetsnaz. As of 2011, the Swedish Armed Forces Special Forces in Sweden comprise the ”Special Operations Group”, SOG. Special or elite … Läs mer

K3 – Mali 2013-2016

The Swedish UN mission in Mali consisted of an intelligence battalion and a national support unit and amounted to approximately 250 people. Most of the force was located at Camp Nobel on the outskirts of Timbuktu. The task  was to provide security, stabilization and protection of civilians in a conflict-affected country and to provide the UN with intelligence. The exhibition … Läs mer