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Activities for Schools

Hello everyone!! Are you looking for fun activity and learning? Then you have come right! We at Karlsborg Fortress Museum have several different activities spread throughout the year for children and young people of all ages. A really fun way to learn new things. Read more on our sub-page about schools – Click here! If you have any questions, you … Read more

Special/Elite Units in the world

Elite Units are military units with special training, equipment and skills. For example, the duties of the unions may be personal protection, hostage exemption and intelligence gathering. Internationally known special associations include British SAS, American Delta Force and Russian Spetsnaz. As of 2011, the Swedish Armed Forces Special Forces in Sweden comprise the “Special Operations Group”, SOG. Special or elite … Read more

K3 – Mali 2013-2016

The Swedish UN mission in Mali consisted of an intelligence battalion and a national support unit and amounted to approximately 250 people. Most of the force was located at Camp Nobel on the outskirts of Timbuktu. The task  was to provide security, stabilization and protection of civilians in a conflict-affected country and to provide the UN with intelligence. The exhibition … Read more


Cavalry, or equestrian, is one of the oldest  in the army. In 1634 it was decided that the Swedish divided cavalry would consist of eight regiments, four of which were in Finland. The nobility fan was an enlisted cavalry association with roots in the “nobility’s rust service” in Alsnö Charter from 1279, where all officers were noble. During Gustav II … Read more

Colorful Patterns

Colorful and patterned exhibition at the museum. “COLORED PATTERNS” – fabrics and clothing from the 60s and 70s, shoes, Barbie and more Both the “textile sensors” Margareta Bäckström Öberg and Eva Karlsson from Enköping are behind the exhibition. For the exhibition “Colorful patterns” they have selected textiles and clothing of Swedish and Finnish manufacture that match each other. This exhibition … Read more,_Ardennenoffensive,_gefangene_Amerikaner.jpg

Lecture by Bengt Österblom 12 november 2019 – Battle of the Ardennes 1944

  Battle of the Ardennes 1944 In December 1944 the Germans made a surprising counter-attack in the Ardennes. The Allied intelligence service had failed to anticipate the attack, and thanks to bad weather, the Germans were initially successful. After a few days, however, allies were able to fight back the offensive, and the Germans suffered heavy losses. Entry: SEK 20 … Read more