Archives Day the 9/11 10 – 15

Hidden or forgotten?

The word treasure hides well as a description of the archives where our common memory is preserved. This year, Archive Day is celebrated throughout the Nordic region under the common theme of Forgotten or Forgotten? Visit the archives and find your own story. The theme can be interpreted in many ways. Phenomena and events that have fallen out of our memory, documents that are saved to our survivors so that they can trace the history or the fate of the lives that are touched when told are just a few reasons to visit the archives. The theme can also be about what was deliberately hidden or destroyed. What traces are found in the archives of deliberately withholding information? How common is it that archives notice that information is missing? The archives contain the eyewitness accounts of history and here are the traces that show how our time has developed. Join us on our historic treasure hunt on November 9. Library Open 10-16 13-13: 45 Lecture 14-14: 45 Lecture

Language: Swedish


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