Special/Elite Units in the world

Elite Units are military units with special training, equipment and skills. For example, the duties of the unions may be personal protection, hostage exemption and intelligence gathering.

Internationally known special associations include British SAS, American Delta Force and Russian Spetsnaz. As of 2011, the Swedish Armed Forces Special Forces in Sweden comprise the ”Special Operations Group”, SOG.

Special or elite associations have existed at all times. The origins of most of today’s allies were created during World War II, during the decolonization after 1945 and during the ”Cold War”. Some associations have also been created in defense of terrorism.

The tasks of the special associations are similar to those of the hunting associations. The first Swedish elite association with a modern hunter character was set up in Boden in 1910. It was the Norrboten regiment’s fourth battalion, which was named the ”ski runner battalion”

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